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Panavue the famous digital image stitching system

Below you will find detailed description of the PanaVue ImageAssembler Standard Features

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PanaVue ImageAssembler lets you assemble multiple photos to build genuine mosaics or restore vast panoramas. It can easily wrap a complete 360º panorama. Images can be saved in most common formats (bmp, tiff, jpeg, pict, targa, etc) but also in the QuickTime® VR format from Apple. Once saved in this format, images can be visualized in Virtual Reality with QuickTIme Viewer. They can also be published directly on the web and displayed in Netscape or Microsoft Explorer browsers (with the QuickTime plug-in).

Increased scanner capacities
Very versatile, its TWAIN compatibility lets it directly import images from a scanner. It then becomes extremely easy, with PanaVue ImageAssembler, to digitize an image which dimensions exceed those of the scanner. All you have to do is scan the image in multiple parts and stitch them back together. As in photo stitching, the precision obtained is so good that it is usually impossible to tell that you are looking at a rebuilt image.

Very robust, PanaVue ImageAssembler Standard Edition has also been designed to work on high resolution images (larger images are supported by the Professional Edition), making it perfectly appropriate for stitching photos meant for good quality graphic printing.

Photo montage
You may make a montage out of aerial and satellite photos, multiple photos of a painting, a blue print, a map, or a microscope slide, medical imagery. ImageAssembler provides a precise and easy way to assemble pictures of a single flat subject shot in multiple parts. Ideal for stitching aerial or satellite photos for cartography, multiple photos of a painting, a blue print, a plan, or a map, in fact any case where the camera is moved over a relatively flat subject while kept perpendicular to it.

Easy Interface
The interface amounts to merely little flags (or markers) that you simply click and drag with your mouse to pinpoint the way you want images to be stitched. On request, PanaVue ImageAssembler assists you in this task thanks to a powerful image recognition algorithm.

This approach, using markers to indicate stitching points, gives PanaVue ImageAssembler the special ability to work with tilted cameras and very high resolution files. But probably more important, it lets you, the user, keep complete control on how the images are stitched. At any time you can deactivate the "marker assistant" and manually place markers to precise stitching points allowing you to successfully stitch images that were not taken under ideal conditions.

Powerful Features
PanaVue ImageAssembler warps, color adjusts, and blends images. It automatically adjusts itself to any lens* focal length and works perfectly even with a tilted camera. In the all automatic mode, images are even positioned by the software

*: Any rectilinear lens with a focal length above 10.4 mm (for a 35mm camera) or, equivalently, a maximal field of view MFOV of 120°, and any full-frame fisheye lens with focal length above 12.7 mm (for a 35mm camera) or, equivalently, a MFOV of 180° is supported.
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Tamas D.Varga

Budapest 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Hungary 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Budapest 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

Beijing 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
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