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PanoGraph Kft. offers the latest state of the art full immersive virtual tours and panoramas and panoramic print solutions.
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  BUDAPEST 360° (co-autor Peter Roth >>)  
Budapest 360


Hungary 360


Beijing 360
  Immersive Media - VW Brasil New Polo site advertising

PanoGraph proudly announces that our panoramic photographer, Tamas D.Varga has achieved a breakthrough in online advertising with panoramic images since up to now this format has not been used in the world of advertising.

The client is Volkswagen do Brasil Ltda. and the agency that we have worked for is AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo.
The idea: "New Polo. The whole world drives the same car"
Execution: Creation of panoramic images in QuickTime mov format of several European cities where the new VW Polo appears on the scene.
The site: Click the image to go directly to the panoramic images.
  Novo Polo online by AlmapBBDO and PanoGraph
  Panoramic show for Coca Cola HBC corporate event

The event is CCHBC (Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company) Leadership Conference Budapest.
The agency: Roxer Event & More, Budapest
Execution: PanoGraph's panoramic stock images used in large size format slide show at the Museum of Applied Arts.

Panoramic slide show images in higher resolution >>>

Some panoramic VR images of the event:
* The Past >>>
* The Future >>>
  Roxer - Coca Cola HBC panoramic show


  Virtual tour of the Office of the President of the Republic of Hungary - Sándor-palota  
  * Panoramas above were made by Tamas D.Varga under the copyright of, the predecessor of PanoGraph Ltd. >>>
  Kadarporta is located in a small village in South Transdanubia and the owner has transformed the old peasant house into a very intimate and well equipped tourist destination and conference room. Their site is under development, but the flash based virtual tour with eighteen 360 degree panoramic images can be reviewed online >>>  
Kadarporta flash virtual tour
  Commune by the Great Wall is a private collection of contemporary architecture designed by 12 Asian architects. In 2005, Commune by the Great Wall was hailed by Business Week as a “New Architectural Wonder of China”. Commune by the Great Wall is managed by Kempinski. There is a private path accessing the Great Wall at Commune by the Great Wall. Panoramic photographer Tamas D.Varga is currently working on the second phase of the project while 37 panoramic images of phase one were complied into a Flash based virtual tour >>>  
Kempinski flash virtual tour
  Boscolo Hotel Budapest - New York Palace  
Boscolo Hotel
  Spoon Cafe & Lounge QuickTime panoramas  
Spoon Cafe & Lounge
  Finnaura Partners Kft. QuickTime panoramas  

Oktogon Ház virtual tour

OKtogon ház
  The first ever panoramic photo published by the Hungarian edition of National Geographic Magazine

The Hungarian edition of National Geographic feautres several articles about wine and wine making in its Septermber 2008 issue.

The first illustration for the article titled Sunshine in the Barrel (p48) is a panoramic image taken by Tamas D.Varga. While the original image is a 360 degree shot the edited image is a cut and crosses two pages. The panoramic image shows the unique series of wine cellars in Villanykovesd, Hungary and is a good example to show that panoramic photographs definitely provide a greater sense of scale about the location than conventional formats.

See the original 360 degree panoramic shot here >>>
  National Geographic Magazine Hungary, Sept 2008 - Panoramic photo inside
  Örség panoramic photo in the March 2007 Europe & NE edition of RCI Holiday2 magazine. RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is a a global provider of leisure travel services to businesses and consumers, and the worldwide leader in vacation exchange.  
RCI Holiday2
  Panoramas in the ZOOM magazin dealing with Hungaricums though the lens  
ZOOM magazin Hungary panoramas
  Cover photo for Anthony Sheenard's collection of short stories titled Csonkolás művészete  
  Several photos in "Szép Magyarország" (Beautiful Hungary) magazin  
Szép Magyarország


  Hungary and Budapest panoramic photos with Flash virtual tour on the internet pages of the Hungarian Tourism Board.
Hongrie 360 first on the French home page >>>
Jumurdzsák gyűrűje
  Freedom bridge panorama used for EAPC 2007 site and all printed material by kreativmuhely  
EAPC congress
  Feszty cyclorama (in co-operation with Peter Roth >>)  
Feszty cyclorama

Fire brigade panorama with more than 130 Budapest firemen

Large group panoramas

Fullscreen panoramas

Full screen panoramas
  "Yoomurjak's ring" is the world's first interactive movie (FMV = Full Motion Video) and adventure PC game with more than 700 exciting panoramas taken by PanoGraph. First in class, an Eger city marketing projekt in co-operation with Private Moon Studios of Pierrot.  
Yoomurjak's ring
  Wedding panoramas, panorama photos of large groups  
Wedding panorama
  Budapest 360° Panoramic wall calendar  
  Series of Budapest 360° panoramic postcards  
  Hungary 360° panoramic wall calendar  
Hungary 2006 - panoramic calendar
  Hungarian Tourism Board - various projects  
  Konica Minolta printer promotion - "Borderless opportunities" bigprints  
Konica promotion

Large poster projects for various clients

Large posters
  Panoramas used for various company greeting cards. Clients include Boston Consulting Group, Office for Cultural Heritage, Association of Hungarian Car Insurance Companies, HL-display  
Large posters
, the leading virtual reality site features carnival panoramas, the leading virtual reality site features carnival panoramas
  Hungary 360° panoramic portfolio  
Hungary 360 site with panoramic images
  Site for the promition of the workbooks of "Otthonodba Hozzuk a Világot" (We bring the World into your Home) Foundation   Honlap Fejlesztés - Mindenhol Otthon Oktatási segédanyagok
  New, responsive website for the coaching firm World Mission Ltd.   World Mission
  Over the past couple of years we have learned a lot from Google and created many well optimized websites. As Hummingbird search algorihtm change was silently brought into being by the search giant we launched our new website and introduced our new website optimization services. Please chek out the new site and ask for a complimentary website audit to make sure your site meets the latest Guidelines, ranks well in SERP and delivers results that meets your targets and expectations.   Search Engine and Website optimization services
  Website development dominic pote british photographer   Website development dominic pote british photographer
  Blogging site for EU Hotel Pinboard   Honlap Fejlesztés - EU Hotel Pinboard Blog
  The idea of EU Hotel Pinboard is based on the new social media phenomenon, Pinterest with a rapidly increasing user base and quite a number of Hotel Photos had been shared on the site>>>

Users can create virtual bulletin boards to "pin" images from around the web or form their computers. It's basically a bookmarking site for great images. When a user pins a photo to one of their boards, the image links back to the original website where it lives.

How can hotels use EU Hotel Pin Board? Due to its photo-centric design, this social network can act as a valuable tool to increase inbound traffic to hotel websites or to a hotel Facebook page.
  EU Hotel Pinboard
  Based on the success of Asia Hotel Marketing, PanoGraph developed a new site for Hospitality Professionals in Europe.

Our services
* Hotel Photography
* Virtual Tours
* 3D Walkthroughs
* Email Marketing
* Search Engine Marketing
* Online Marketing
* Web Design
* Website Audit
* Social Media Marketing
  EU Hotel Marketing
      Selective Professional
  PanoGraph developed a new site for Hospitality Professionals in South East Asia.

We combine the creative talent of an advertising agency with a sharp focus on ROI – we're your one-stop shop for hotel photography, web development and interactive marketing that drives results >>>
  Asia Hotel Marketing
  Site for the "Otthonodba Hozzuk a Világot" (We bring the World into your Home) Foundation based on the Joomla CMS sytem.   Otthonodba Hozzuk a Világot Alapítvány
  We have developed a a new site for R.W. Rogers Company based on the popular Joomla CMS. Panoramic images for their shopping cart systems in use were taken by Rick Drew in co-operation with   R.W. Rogers Company - shopping carts
  We have developed two sites for Ms. Andrea Bencsik psychologist built on the popular Joomla CMS system enhanced with panoramic images that capture visitor's attention.
As a result of effective SEO (search engine optimization) the site has got high ranking and receives increasing number of hits with a good conversion rate.
  Bencsik Andrea pszichológus, Budapest
  Website for Ms. Andrea Bencsik Psychologist   Bencsik Andrea Magán Pszichológus
  Blog site for Ms. Andrea Bencsik Online Psychologist   Honlap készítés Online pszichológus Blog
  Location scouting site with 360 degree panoramas. We provide filming locations and location management, pre-production, production, logistics for broadcasters, advertisers and corporate clients. Our local knowledge guarantees that we will find you the suitable shooting locations for film and motion picture, commercials, commercial photography, music videos, episodic television projects in Hungary and present the venues, the sight in stills plus in HDR 360 degree panoramic images so you can immerse yourself into the scene and will get the whole picture.  
Panoramic Locations, location scouting site with 360 degree panoramic images
  Exkluziv Tapéta is the thrid generation website with responsive design created in 2013 for Hue Ltd. the sole distributor of the Belgian Omexco wall papers.   Exklúzív tapéta
 provides high resolution, high quality inspirational Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers.

You will find a growing number of 6x17's, Xpans and stunning 360 degree panoramas by the best of class panoramic photographers of the world in our stock library.
 - actually this site
  Budapest 360° - site with spHerical panoramas  
Budapest in 360 degree panoramas
  The 1st generation of Applause Consulting website creation and maintenance  
Applause consulting
 The first website for PanoGraph back in 1998. Website creation, maintenance



Tamas D.Varga

Budapest 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Hungary 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Budapest 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

Beijing 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

More to come soon...

Other great panoramic photo albums >>>