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PanoGraph Kft. offers the latest state of the art full immersive virtual tours and panoramas and panoramic print solutions.
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PanoGraph Kft. was incorporated in December 2005 as successor to, the leading panoramic and virtual tour provider for the Hungarian market since 2000.

PanoGraph presents a series of stunning panoramic images portraying the atmosphere and culture of Hungary and its people as well some some exotic locations around the world.
We partner with 360 Art Kft. the first publishing house in Hungary that specialises on panoramic photography albums.
We provide state of the art Internet imaging solutions designed to enhance revenues by improving the buying experience and creating more effective web-based presentations.

PanoGraph has created a unique process, which includes image capture, editing, stitching, publishing, and display technologies, designed first and foremost to deliver the highest quality panoramic images to our clients with the highest resolution possible.

The highest quality web image available, combined with very competitive pricing, equals an uncompromising value.
Producing pictures of this quality requires both superior technology and photographers of exceptional skill and experience.

In 2007 we launched a site called that provides high resolution, high quality inspirational Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers.

You will find a growing number of 6x17's, Xpans and stunning 360 degree panoramas by the best of class panoramic photographers of the world in our stock library.

Photo buyers can send us a photo request and we will search the panoramic image worldwide.

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Company data: Name: PanoGraph Kft. (Ltd)
Reg.No.: 19-09-517089
Address: 8283 Kaptalantoti, Badacsonyi u. 27., Hungary
Tax ID: 13644947-1-41
EU tax ID: HU13644947
Mobile: +36 209 441 207
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On a panoramic assignment in Vietnam
Hungarian photographer Tamas D.Varga has practiced BW analog photography while he was a teacher decades ago and later had worked for a multinational company in various sales and marketing positions. While many aspire to leave desk job, very few have managed to launch a successful photography career in middle age after years in an office.

Learning about the importance of visual presentation in the digital age he changed to digital (you may not be surprised that the initial "D" in his name is therefore for Digital) and worked on several web based projects creating websites and virtual tours.

By discovering that immersive imaging is not only for the web he made an attempt to publish his 360 degree panoramic images in a panoramic album for the first time in Hungary. The book titled Budapest 360° has became a success that continued with the publication of Hungary 360°.

Excerpt from the foreword of his Hungary 360° book: "With the previously released album, Budapest 360°, as well as with the publication of Hungary 360°, I aimed at redefining the notion of panoramic photography. Because, what is the common understanding of panorama? An image of wide angle and deep horizon. Contrary to this, I believe that you do not have to stand on a summit to sense the space surrounding you as a panoramic unit. In a space of 360 degrees the overall view of objects in your reach and elements melting into the horizon creates the perfect composition for me."

He lives in a virtual world and his motivation is to capture and share extraordinary panoramic sights with everyone. He is convinced that in every human being there's the poetic element and nature is a poetry in itself. Creating a haiku, a sonnet, or an epistle with a series of images that are stitched to form a perfect panoramic image is his poetry and devotion.

He calls himself a panographer and seeks places and situations not previously photographed with a unique point of view and horizon mostly in panoramic format. Now he works on various projects in Hungary and abroad and is available for special photography assigments in Europe and Asia.

Tamas D.Varga

Budapest 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Hungary 360 degree panorama book
Hungarian-English edition

Budapest 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

Beijing 360 panoramic book in Chinese language
Chinese-English edition

More to come soon...

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