• 2007
    • August
      • Day 7 - Sziget Panoramas
        The last day of the Festival has come and stunning panoramic images from the Seventh Continent, that's Sziget, of course were running round the canvas of the Planet tent. The international team of panoramic photographers led by Andras Frenyo has been working on their huge new media project sin

      • Day 6 - Arctic region
        When Antartica comes to Sziget that's coooool, isn't it?

        The sculptor

        Lots of great creations from igloo to pingvin and eskimo lady by the professional ice sculptor team

        and the panoramas

      • Day 5 - Australia, New Zealand
        If you were asked how many didgeridoos are there in Hungary you might say none or possibly one in the Museum of Ethnography.

        You're wrong. I counted ten. These Hungarian gentlemen are so enthusiastic about aboriginal music and have a large collection of maori musical instruments...

      • Day 4 - Africa
        Gloomy day, but everyone was in a festive mood hearing the cadence of various african percussion instruments.

        Speakers on, please :-)
        Click to see the QuickTime mov with sound>>>

      • Day 3 - Asia
        Perfect fit to the Asian panoramic slide show was the qigong excercise presented by the team of Centre of Chinese Culture and Arts of Budapest. Their site is in Chinese and in Hungarian only >>>

        Panorama of the Day - Sunset at the Great Wall b

      • Day 2 - Americas
        Americas... Ranging from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego is a huge and diverse geography of our Planet and I must tell you that the creative people and the multimedia developers have done their best to give a fantastic presentation of this region. Stunning panoramas of national parks, coastline and megap

      • Day 1 - Europe
        Planet is now open.
        Free entry, entrée libre, vrije ingang, zollfreie Einfuhr, entrata libera, entrada livre...

        This day was dedicated to the Old Continent, Europe with lots of eye catching animations on the screen, plus the fantastic 360 degree panoramas of course.

      • Day 0
        While on the Main Stage the legendary Hungarian band, LGT was tuning up to entertain every generations the preparations went on to make everything perfect for the Planet.

        Fine tuning the projectors

        Panorama of the technical screen

        Click to see the